One Minute Stories


director | realização INÊS T. ALVES
photography | fotografia ICO COSTA

16′ | Portugal | 2014/2015

In One Minute Stories it is made a portrait of people. Each one was asked to tell a story  spontaneously that later was reduced to one minute, leaving the most striking and significant sentences. Hence, the original story was changed in some key phrases, small notes, that gained stronger or different sense once isolated. The stories based on real situations overlap with those arising from the spontaneous imagination.

Série #1 WATCH

Public Exhibitions | Exibições Públicas
Mostra Nacional de Jovens Criadores – V.N.Famalicão (Portugal) 2014
Condomínio, Cultural Festival – Lisbon (Portugal) 2015
FUSO – Video Art International Festival – Lisbon (Portugal) 2016
Bienal de Jovens Criadores da CPLP – V.N.Cerveira (Portugal) 2017