The Fog

emori”It is mainly connected with a boulevard and it’s more about time than a place. A moment in the city when it is covered with something… some fog or a bit of snow. Fog or a freezing cold mixed with the electric light. It is strongly connected with the festive lights that are now all over the city. A mixture of natural light and electric light. It is more this feeling of an event that will refresh…

For example I don’t like the Magheru Boulevard but I use it a lot and when this thing happens it becomes something else and I can go through the city with a full heart. It is a very good feeling, the most familiar thing that I have with Bucharest. And if I would find it in some other places I would connect it immediately with Bucharest.

This kind of fog is typical here in late autumn, early winter or in spring and it is my subjective way to relate to the city in a good way. It is very refreshing, I get out of everything. I walk and I just watch the lights and the air that comes out of my mouth and I feel that something is not clear. But at the end I have the feeling that it is not covering but opening the things. I can feel the air, I can watch it, taste it. I enjoy solitary walks because of that, I never get bored.

Nobody pays attention to that, they are too busy with stuff. I like to pay attention to things that nobody is paying attention to. It is the way to enjoy my city.”

Memories from Adriana Gheorghe


Bucharest – Roménia, December 2015