The Hole

“It’s about a deep hole with very rough concrete. I just remember the dark. I looked down and maybe it was not so deep but in my memory was a very deep hole. I can imagine the place from a few perspectives.

The hole was in the ruins of a building that looked like a temple, like a basilica. But somehow when you were inside the building you didn’t have the feeling of a building anymore. It was more like a plain surface that will end in a sort of jungle of weeds.

I remember this feeling of being an explorer in the city. I was searching for sculptures, ready made stuff. I was interested in geometrical shapes, in the patterns and rhythms of these shapes.

In Bucharest there were these big buildings which were planned by Nicolae Ceauşescu to become a place to centralize the markets. But the ironic is that at the time there was not enough food, and then people named these places “Hunger Circus”. These places were never finished. When I went there I stayed with something very abstract, which was this hole. I can tell you that for me this space was a negative space, a space in reverse… At the time it was just an abandoned place. Now it is the Liberty Shopping Mall.”

Memories from Alina Popa


Bucharest – Roménia, December 2015